Salisbury Slow Melody 2016

Nine of our members will be competing at the upcoming Slow Melody contest, presented by Salisbury City Band.

The friendly contest will be held on Sunday 1st May at the Salisbury Youth Enterprise (formerly Salisbury Institute), Wiltshire Street, Salisbury. Entry for spectators is just $5.

The provisional programme is as follows (sections featuring Enfield players are in bold):

10:00 Juvenile
10:20 Junior Novice
10:30 Junior
10:50 Junior Orchestral Brass
11:00 Veterans
– Dave Griffiths (cornet)
– Jeannie ‘Granny’ Magin (horn)
12:45 Senior Novice
– Andrew Dight (baritone)
– Justin Fidock (trombone)
– Ashleigh Tarling (horn)
– Shayne Tarling (trombone)
14:00 Senior
– Rohan Leighton (soprano)
– Geoff ‘Chip’ Magin (flugel)
– Patrick Stapleton (trombone)